U2 play Get On Your Boots at the 2009 Grammy Awards

U2 opened the 51st Grammy Awards with Get On Your Boots. Starting out behind the band, Bono threw familiar shapes against the backdrop of a large screen showing images – different from those used in the video – and the lyrics to the song. Later he moved out in front near the crowd, removing his trademark shades to reveal his new mascara-look while belting out the final bars of the song: ‘Let me in the sound, let me in the sound…’

Unfortunately, the crew didn’t hear his plea. Sound is apparently not the main priority for the Grammy Awards organisation.

Get On Your Boots video premiere – Take 2. For real.

Get On Your Boots screenshot

A little birdy informed us the Get On Your Boots video will be ready for premiere today around 5pm GMT. And lo and behold, the Independent says so too. Point your browser at www.independent.com/u2. And this time, it’s guilt- and watermark-free.

This video for ‘Get On Your Boots’ is directed by French film maker and artist Alex Courtes and shot in London. The graphic art was designed by Courtes, who (with Martin Fougeral) also directed the Grammy winning video for ‘Vertigo’. The video is also available on U2.com.

Members of the public jury, may we have your votes?

Copyright issues reason for U2 video delay

U2.com has issued a statement about the delay of the Get On Your Boots video. As many had already noticed, the video still contained images for which the rights had not yet been cleared with the copyright holders. The statement was posted on the fan forums on their website.

Dear all,

You might have seen we’ve been removing links to the rogue copy of the ‘Boots’ video in the last 24 hours. It’s not just U2.Com, it’s being taken down from everywhere on the web.

Word is that everyone was pretty fed up about an unfinished bootleg leaking out before the production team had finished their work.

Apparently it’s a pretty amazing video they’re producing but if you saw that ruff-cut the give-away was the watermark copyright details in some of the images. Turns out there were legal issues involved –
and it’s being taken down from YouTube, Facebook etc etc

As soon as the video is wrapped we’ll have it on U2.Com – as early as anyone else.

More information soon.

Link to the original message (registration required)

Get On Your Boots (3:24) – the credits

These are the credits to Get On Your Boots as printed on the 1-track european CD single:

Music by U2
Lyrics by Bono
Produced by Brian Eno and Danny Lanois
Additional production by Declan Gaffney
Engineered by Richard Rainey
Additional engineering by Declan Gaffney and Carl Glanville
Mixed by Declan Gaffney
Keyboards by Terry Lawless
Additional percussion by Sam O’Sullivan
Published by Universal Music Publishing BV

Thanks to Oli at www.u2swisshome.com for the information.

U2’s new single to premiere on Irish radio

U2’s new single, “Get on Your Boots,” from the forthcoming album No Line on the Horizon will premiere on RTE 2FM radio next Monday (January 19) at 8:10 a.m. (local time) on The Colm & Jim-Jim Show. Dave Fanning has the honor of spinning the song.

The single is now streaming live on U2.com.

The song is also available from the USA iTunes shop.

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First review of U2’s new single ‘Get On Your Boots’

Alan Cross, the host of the radio edition of ExploreMusic, has heard U2’s new song ‘Get On Your Boots’, expected to be the band’s first single off their upcoming album ‘No Line on the Horizon’. He describes the song and his 20+ years experience with the rituals and security surrounding a new U2 release. He writes:

“There are some new sounds that could only come from an Eno/Lanois production, which left me with a feeling similar to what I experienced when I heard “The Fly” for the first time. This is NOT a back-to-basics guitar/bass/drums track like “Vertigo” or even “Beautiful Day.” There’s some definite sonic evolution going on here. “

Read his full post at The Music Geek Blog