Special Report: U2’s Day at the BBC

U2 @ BBC Radio Theatre

Friday February 27th of 2009 was a brilliant day to be a U2 fan in London. The BBC brought us closer than we’ve ever been before for hours of brilliant coverage. My friend and I won tickets to the Radio 1 Live Lounge in the morning, and stayed until the end of the rooftop gig in the evening.

After waiting out in the cold from 9am we finally got into the BBC Radio Theatre and secured a spot at the front next to Edge. Everything was amazingly organised and fans were led into the theatre in the order in which they had queued up. Take note venues of the world!
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Nothing comes between him and his Grammys

The Edge is among the faces featured in the Recording Academy’s new Grammy ad campaign. In the advertisement, Edge proclaims, “Nothing gives you the news on your latest record better than how you do at the Grammys.” [Click on the above image to read the full quote.] With 22 Grammys sitting on his shelves at home, Edge is certainly qualified to speak on the matter.

Other artists featured in the ad campaign include Coldplay, John Legend, and Bonnie Raitt.