Details of U2 and Anton Corbijn’s film “Linear” revealed

U2 has released details on Anton Corbijn’s film Linear, starring French actor Said Taghmaoui (Three Kings, Lost), which accompanies the album No Line on the Horizon. Linear’s credits are available from and include the running order of the songs as featured in the film.

06. FEZ-Being Born

Corbijn reveals:

“As U2 never do anything in half measures, the record that emerged from the studio in late December 2008 was a very different one than the one I’d made images for. Not only had the running order changed, now there were completely new songs on the record while another song had gone, new lyrics without the characters had emerged, and different sounds dominated the songs I had worked on. Disaster!”

If you buy the hardback book box format, magazine format or digipack format of No Line On The Horizon, you will be able to access and download the film from the website by entering your details, and unlocking the download by entering the cd into your computer’s dvd/cd-drive.

Stills from the movie can be found on

Universal Australia’s giant FUBAR


So if you were up early. Or late. Or just… up, you may have been awake for the brief window of time during which, which is Universal Australia’s official download platform (!), accidentally sold mp3 downloads of all of the songs on U2’s No Line on the Horizon, more than a week before its official release. Not just for Australian customers… this international cat used Paypal to legally get her paws on the album.

Brief review? Lovin’ it.

According to it wasn’t even the first leak. It’s just that nobody noticed the first one. For a few days, the songs were available individually on Napster Mobile. Apparently, not a whole lot of people use that – legal – service.

We hope you got lucky too. Let us know what you think of the album.

Nice: U2 fans are pleading with the web shop not to fire the guy that caused the leak. (Update: fans’ comments have been removed from the site!)

RTÉ 2XM to premiere title track of U2’s No Line on the Horizon

Get ready to rip, folks. RTÉ 2XM will play the title track of U2’s new album ‘No Line on the Horizon’ on Thursday, February 12 at 12 noon GMT.

You can tune in to 2XM on DAB digital radio sets in the Greater Dublin area, Cork and Limeric, or online at

U2’s sessions in Fez: the video


The Observer’s Sean O’Hagan, a long time friend of the band, spent 18 months following them from Fez to Dublin, as they recorded New Line On The Horizon.

He’s captured his travels on film and in part one of this exclusive – but brief- footage the band begins sessions in a converted riad in Morocco.

Watch the video on

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Walmart posts previews of U2’s No Line on the Horizon

We got the heads up from via Twitter: Walmart online has posted previews of all the tracks on No Line on the Horizon.

Update 02/08: Walmart has taken down all the previews, except ‘Boots’.


It’s always hard to tell from random 30-second clips, but early favourites for me are: the title track, Moment of Surrender, Cedars of Lebanon and Fez-Being Born. YMMV.

What are you waiting for? Have a listen and let us know what you think.

U2’s new single to premiere on Irish radio

U2’s new single, “Get on Your Boots,” from the forthcoming album No Line on the Horizon will premiere on RTE 2FM radio next Monday (January 19) at 8:10 a.m. (local time) on The Colm & Jim-Jim Show. Dave Fanning has the honor of spinning the song.

The single is now streaming live on

The song is also available from the USA iTunes shop.

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‘Brian Eno would like to talk about this’

Gavin and U2's whiteboard

New on (subscribers only), a video of Gavin Friday explaining what the symbols on U2’s whiteboard mean. Friday, as U2 fans will know, is the band’s preferred ‘midwife’, and helped deliver U2’s new baby via caesarian.

We’re amused by the note on ‘Moment of Surrender’ at the top of the board. It reads ‘Brian would like to talk about this’. From what we’ve heard, Eno – not a fan of brevity, perhaps – fought for a 9-minute version of the mix, instead of the 7’12” version the band preferred. That might be what the note referred to.

Click for a run down of what’s on the board.

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