Larry Shares Experience as Irish Musician for Charity

Larry Mullen has contributed to a new book that chronicles the history of Irish music. “From the Cradle to the Stage” by RTE radio presenter Alan Swan is being produced for the Irish charity Fighting Blindness.

According to a press release, Irish musicians share their memories of what helped shape their success in the book, which is due to published by Christmas 2003. Presumably, interested readers will be able to order the book (priced at Euro 19.99) from Fighting Blindness’ web site closer to its publication date.

Larry’s Fanlisting

There’s nothing officially official as in ‘U2-sanctioned-this-good-and-proper’ about ‘The Official Larry Mullen, Jnr. Fanlisting’.

Fan what?

Taken from the official Fanlistings Network F.A.Q.: “A fanlisting is a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor/actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject.”

Eh… O.K.

So what IS official about ‘The Official Larry Mullen, Jnr. Fanlisting’ if U2 aren’t involved in this at all? Well, the site’s officially registered with A site set up by fans. There are lots of rules a site must adhere to before they’re let in.

Anyway. If you’re into The Mullen it’s pretty easy to join the fanlisting. “You just have to love Larry!” It’s official.


Last week we told you about Ali Hewson’s helping to raise money for Down’s Syndrome Ireland (see Bags on Display). Now we’ve learned that Larry Mullen also has pitched in for the cause by designing a t-shirt for the organization.

Larry’s design, along with several other celeb t-shirt designs, are available for purchase at Brown Thomas stores and its affiliates across Ireland. All profits from the t-shirts, which retail for Euro 30 for ladies and Euro 35 for gents, will go directly to Down’s Syndrome Ireland.

The Tooth Larry

Larry Mullen and Anne Acheson were among the guests who attended the Tooth Fairy Ball at the Kilmainham Royal Hospital last Friday. The charity event, which was organized in part by Bono’s wife Ali Hewson, raised Euro 200,000 to build a dental clinic in Africa. Ali attended the event without her husband, who presumably was working in the studio (see The Part-Time Musician).

The drummer talks

Larry Mullen guest presented Irish designer Lainey Keogh’s collection at the Brown Thomas Fashion Show in Dublin last night.

Many eyebrows were raised when, asked by host Cat Deely what U2 were up to, Larry answered – live on Irish television: “Same shit, different decade”. He seemed embarrassed at the crowd’s response.

Larry continued to reveal he had not been invited to the Golden Globe Award show.

The male celeb models, including The Edge were led by Gavin Friday, who walked down the stage to the end of the catwalk, unzipped his pants and kneeled as a 6ft inflatable spire, with red light on top popped up from between his legs. Edge exuded cool, while Guggi finished the set with his 5 sons – including toddler in pram.

Larry’s IOL diary

Inspired by Bono’s AOL diary, Irish internet provider IOL has asked drummer Larry Mullen to do the same for their customers. The first entry has yet to appear on the IOL website, but has managed to acquire a copy:

“Dear Diary, ‘t was a beautiful day. Polished da Harley. Did a foine job too, if I say so meself. Taught da kids to leave their da alone when he’s watching da match. Our Bono’s been away on some speaking tour in America. Thank fuck, at last some peace and quiet around here without da little bollix. Getting a bit thirsty what with all the writin’. Think there’s some lager left in the fridge. Not used to da bleedin’ Euro yet, must watch daily expenses.
PS. I dreamt about a mermaid by the name of Sam last night. Didn’t know my drum tech had fins.”