Litho by Bono available in charity auction

A limited edition lithograph of a Peter & the Wolf painting signed by Bono is now being auctioned at The auction, which ends on February 6, 2008, benefits the Bob Woodruff Family Fund, an organization that assists members of the military who suffer traumatic brain injury.

If you don’t have the kind of money required for that auction, you can purchase a limited edition print of Bono illustrations from the Peter & the Wolf project at the Irish Hospice Foundation.

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Rare copies of Virgin Prunes book surface

We’ve managed to get our hands on a number of (unused, but a little worn with age) copies of the 1985 Virgin Prunes book ‘The Faculties of a Broken Heart‘ by Swiss author Rolf Vasellari. U2 content is limited: a few mentions and a drawing/painting, plus handwritten lyrics by Bono, but the book provides an interesting views on Dublin’s most outrageous sons in words and images. Contains many unique pictures of Gavin, Guggi and all the other members of the group, as well as interviews with – mainly – Gavin. Fans interested in ordering details should get in touch through our contact page. And from the attic of Mr Friday’s abode, we’ve also rescued a bunch of limited edition Gavin Friday ‘bleeding heart’ t-shirts if you’d like to stand out in the crowd…

Edge and Ono to open art exhibition

The Edge and Yoko Ono will open ‘In the time of shaking‘, an art exhibition at the Irish museum of Modern Art this Thursday, May 6. The event is invitation only. In The Time of Shaking will be open to the public on Friday, May 7.

The exhibition is in aid of Amnesty International. Amnesty will benefit from the sale of the art works and a limited edition book featuring the work of contemporary Irish artists, including Louis Le Brocquy, Amelia Stein, Guggi and Sybille Ungers.

The exhibition is in the East Wing of the Irish Museum of Modern Art from Friday 7 May until Sunday 23 May.

(source: RTE guide)

Promo Bono meets Hot Press

“..on a rather different tact, the website claim to have found a hidden message on the ATYCLB cover.
‘Bono and Co are pictured in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris’ they hypothesise ‘in the background there are check in desks and information screens. If you look at the screens very closely, you can see a message on the the left side that says J33-3. This message refers to the bible, specifically to a part of Jeremiah in the Old Testament’.
Finally we thought you might like to have a look at the limited edition Promo bono which was sent out to particularly important VIPs.
‘He talks! He promotes!” it says on the box. ‘Pull the cord for random quotes like ‘Lets bite the arse of the pop charts’ and ‘They’re boys, we’re men’.

Sound familiar??!!