Surprise visit to Toronto’s “102.1 The Edge”

The entire band paid a pre-show surprise visit to Toronto’s “102.1 The Edge” radio yesterday.

With a last minute announcement DJ Dave ‘Bookie’ Bookman conducted a short interview which covers among thing the roof of stadium being opened to benefit sound, the lighting of the CN tower, the birthday of B.B. King, the taping of “Spectacle” with Elvis Costello, Snow Patrol, working with Brian Eno on Unforgettable Fire, Michael Franti & seal noises (!)

To wind up the interview the DJ plays Moment of Surrender, which seems to leave Edge pleasantly surprised.

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R&R in Tokyo

I know many fans are curious to know what the band have been doing in Japan when not performing or doing media interviews. Larry Mullen spent some time shopping in Gwen Stefani’s favorite area of Tokyo, Harajuku. He shopped at Kiddy Land, a famous toy store, presumably for gifts for his children…Adam Clayton visited with Eric Clapton, who is also touring in Japan now and staying in the same hotel as U2…Bono enjoyed a traditional Japanese meal at Gonpachi with his friends Gavin and Guggi. Kanye West was also seen at the same restaurant. Rumour has it that Kanye will perform with U2 for the final show in Japan on Monday…Edge, the zen master, has been keeping a low profile, meditating and such.

All band members have been generously signing autographs and posing for photos with Japanese fans around the city. The band seem to be truly enjoying their visit to Japan.