Bono: “Maybe the rock will have to go…”

Can we have a hallelujah on that? Oh, there’s more to it: “Maybe the rock has to get a lot harder.” Hmm.

Rock. Hard place. Stuck? Bono’s talked to Jo Whiley on BBC 1 over Christmas, the audio of which you can listen to on the BBC website. Well, you could, if the damn link to the mp3 was working. Luckily’s transcribed the most newsworthy bits of the hour-long show. (update: BBC download is now working.)

“[…] our band has certainly reached the end of where we’ve been at for the last couple of albums. I want to see what else we can do with it, take it to the next level; I think that’s what we’ve got to do.”

We’re pretty sure the next level will sound just like U2.

U2’s post-Grammy talk with Gerry Ryan

Paul McGuinness, The Edge and Bono talk to RTE’s Gerry Ryan from a parking lot in Santa Monica, after their five Grammy win.

McG: ‘Not being falsely modest, [ winning the Grammy for best album of the year ] defines U2 as world champions yet again.’

Download the MP3, or subscribe to the Gerry Ryan show’s podcast even if just to hear Bono say:

‘D’ya wanna be bursted?’