editor writes ‘U2 Diary’’s Matt McGee is writing a book about U2 entitled ‘U2 Diary’.

The book will be a history of the band in a timeline/diary format and it will detail the important stories behind the facts.

It’s scheduled to appear in Fall, 2008 and will be published by Omnibus Press. This is the same publisher as Pimm Jal de la Parra’s and’s own Caroline van Oosten de Boer’s ‘U2 Live – A Concert Documentary’.

Matt will be blogging about the book at He is asking for your help and looking for stories, sightings, events, photos, newspaper/magazine scans that may help him write the book.

Good luck, Matt!

Live Talking: Q&A with the Author of ‘U2 Live’

“Some time after the Zoo TV tour, the book U2 Live: A Concert Documentary dropped into my lap and left me speechless. Being something of an archivist myself I was deeply impressed by such a comprehensive history of U2’s live career — especially as this was long before the internet made this kind of data collection much more feasible.

The book instantly became U2’s final authority on all things regarding touring history. On tour, I carry a copy in my work box and there’s always one on the band’s aeroplane, largely for solving arguments over important issues like exactly when we first played in Detroit, or the name of that club in Burton-on-Trent where Bono first went body surfing. It would also make us laugh too, like a family photo album, with its occasional painfully frank reports about certain events or performances.”

–Willie Williams in the foreword of U2 Live: A Concert Documentary

The third edition of U2 Live: A Concert Documentary, the definitive U2 reference book, is now available from Omnibus Press. The book includes information, anecdotes, and facts from virtually every single U2 show, from 1976 to 2003, including spontaneous performances with local bands, impromptu sessions with fans and friends, and acoustic jams during radio and television interviews. Filled with more than 500 photographs and insightful commentary, the book has been produced by U2 fans and is specifically designed to revive memories for anyone who has ever experienced a U2 performance.

The author of the new edition, Caroline van Oosten de Boer, talks with’s Cindy Trickel about the book.

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