U2360 – Stade de France – Paris, France

In the afternoon the band soundchecks Pride, Streets, All I Want is You, Mercy and Desire. The concert is sold out and there are a lot of people around the stadium still looking for tickets. The weather is good… a dry show for a change. As per usual in Paris, entry to the stadium is chaotic. Gates fail to open simultaneously and according to some reports some people get hurt. Inside the stadium it’s not much better – the GA area is too full.
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U2 Prepping Joshua Tree 20th Anniversary Edition

U2 Joshua Tree

Only 20 years young, U2 are re-releasing The Joshua Tree to celebrate its birthday:

Though the always-exciting format details are still trickling in, we know this: new liner notes abound, and the CD/DVD combo contains five portfolio prints, whatever that might mean. The DVD supposedly sports both film from a July 1987 show at Paris’ Hippodrome and the documentary Outside It’s America, but, again, that’s tentative.

It’s set for release November 20th.

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Promo Bono meets Hot Press

“..on a rather different tact, the www.youtwo.net website claim to have found a hidden message on the ATYCLB cover.
‘Bono and Co are pictured in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris’ they hypothesise ‘in the background there are check in desks and information screens. If you look at the screens very closely, you can see a message on the the left side that says J33-3. This message refers to the bible, specifically to a part of Jeremiah in the Old Testament’.
Finally we thought you might like to have a look at the limited edition Promo bono which was sent out to particularly important VIPs.
‘He talks! He promotes!” it says on the box. ‘Pull the cord for random quotes like ‘Lets bite the arse of the pop charts’ and ‘They’re boys, we’re men’.

Sound familiar??!!