U2log Podcast Episode #005 Now Available

We’re back with another episode of the illustrious U2log podcast!
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In this episode we catch up after a long hiatus from recording and find that Chris and Christopher are a little rusty in the ways of the podcast. But we did manage to chat a bit about the European tour wrapping up, the North American tour kicking off, Christopher’s plans to attend a concert, U2’s appearance on Sat­urday Night Live and Gavin Friday’s birthday bash (that’s the section to listen for the sound of Chris getting fired by Caroline — it’s Gavin’s 50th birthday naturally).

U2log Podcast Now Ready for Sampling

With the new album out, the upcoming tour, the possibility of another new album this year and Paul McGuinness single handedly saving the record industry from pirates (*cough*) what you really need is two guys named Christopher telling you their thoughts on what’s going on in the world of U2.

U2log.com has got it’s own podcast, http://u2log.lemonproductions.ca, hosted by myself and Christopher, two guys with faces made for podcasting.

Episode 1 is up and ready for your consumption. It goes best with a pint of your favorite beverage.

Bono and The Edge on Absolute Radio

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Thanks to Absolute Radio UK for the heads up on their video of Bono and The Edge’s recent interview with them. And you can download the full audio podcast too.

Bono and Chris Martin podcast for World AIDS Day


Bono, Chris Martin and Nelson Mandela are joining forces on the first ONE.org podcast, which focuses on World AIDS Day, to try to raise awareness of extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS in the world’s poorest countries. Go check it out on One.org this Thursday. (Instructions.)

By the way, Bono’s trailing behind J.K. Rowling in Time’s ‘Person of the year’ poll. Can’t have that now, can we? Get cracking.