Son of Promo Bono

You bought him in 2000, you forked out in 2005, now it’s time to dip in your credit crunched pockets again. Fresh from our toy-factory in the People’s Republic of Tallaght, we present to you our latest 12-inch action figure: EMO BONO!

Go on, click him, you know you want to!

EMO BONO has a fully articulated body with 30+ points of articulation. Authentic likeness of the Irish frontman of U2, dressed in trademark slimming black undershirt, black leather jacket, black pants. EMO BONO wears black 2-inch-creepers for that extra ‘elevation’.

Comes with two interchangeable sunglasses, a working (RED) credit card, a replica green Gretsch guitar, and water-soluble liquid eyeliner in two colours: black and blue. Make him up as you go along!

EMO BONO is available from for only $9,99.
Special discount for members, just $12,99!

Previously in our line of U2-related toys

Plastic Promo Band

The wait is over! The resounding worldwide success (including an unlikely appearance at of Promo Bono (Built: Zero; Distributed: Zero; Profit: 0.00) prompted the engineers in U2log Toys’ workshop to complete the roll call. For a purely limited time we bring you the remaining promo dolls.*

*Availability questionable and quality not assured.

Promo Bono meets Hot Press

“..on a rather different tact, the website claim to have found a hidden message on the ATYCLB cover.
‘Bono and Co are pictured in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris’ they hypothesise ‘in the background there are check in desks and information screens. If you look at the screens very closely, you can see a message on the the left side that says J33-3. This message refers to the bible, specifically to a part of Jeremiah in the Old Testament’.
Finally we thought you might like to have a look at the limited edition Promo bono which was sent out to particularly important VIPs.
‘He talks! He promotes!” it says on the box. ‘Pull the cord for random quotes like ‘Lets bite the arse of the pop charts’ and ‘They’re boys, we’re men’.

Sound familiar??!!