U2 song on Rhythms del Mundo album


U2’s I still haven’t found what I’m looking for appears on this Rhythms del Mundo album, which does for Cuban music what Nouvelle Vague did for Bossa Nova, recreating pop and rock music in collaboration with Buena Vista Social Club musicians.

The album is released in support of Artists’ Project Earth (APE), which comes to the aid of natural disaster and raises awareness of climate change.

While some of the songs by other artists on the CD (Sting, Radiohead, Dido, Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys) seem suited to the style, Coco Freeman’s version of U2’s song doesn’t work all that well. ‘Bad mash up’ springs to mind, when Bono’s vocal from the original kicks in. You can listen to the album on its promotional website.

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You Two Out on the Town

Last week Bono enjoyed a “tete-a-tete for a good hour or so” with Tom Jones at Lillies Bordello, reports the Sunday Mirror. Jones was in Dublin for a show at the Point Theatre and ran into Bono at the exclusive night club, where he was partying with Guggi and a few other friends. Whether Bono and the man known as “The Voice” and “The Tiger” exchanged tips for looking good in tight pants is unknown.

Elsewhere in Dublin, The Edge took in the Radiohead show with Bono at the Olympia Saturday night. In past interviews, Edge has said that Radiohead is one band that influences U2’s work.