Daily U2 News Digest for 2009-03-06

delicious (feed #6) 3:28am Video: Good Morning America, U2 at Fordham University news report
delicious (feed #6) 5:19am Billboard: U2 To ‘Kiss The Future’ On Global Stadium Tour
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delicious (feed #6) 8:52am U2 Sneaks Into Fordham, and So Do Fans
delicious (feed #6) 8:54am Rolling Stone: U2 Rock Fordham University: On the Ground at the “Secret” Set
delicious (feed #6) 8:55am Photos: U2’s Huge Week in New York: Band Brings "No Line on the Horizon" to the Big Apple
delicious (feed #6) 8:56am U2 played Good Morning America at Fordham University – pics & setlist
delicious (feed #6) 8:58am Photos: U2 takes the stage!
delicious (feed #6) 8:58am Photos: New York Post – U2 Concert at Fordham University
delicious (feed #6) 9:01am 1010wins: Video news report at Fordham
delicious (feed #6) 9:07am U2 Transforms Fordham into School of Rock
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delicious (feed #6) 10:00am Photos: Fordham U2 Performance slideshow
delicious (feed #6) 10:10am Photos: U2 at Fordham, WFUV slideshow
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delicious (feed #6) 1:17pm U2’s new album is truly gospel :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Religion
delicious (feed #6) 3:22pm Interview with Dallas Schoo on KBCO

Rolling Stone: “U2’s Five Star Masterpiece”


The review’s not online yet, but the March 5 issue of music magazine Rolling Stone awards U2’s New Line on the Horizon no less that five stars. The cover of the issue says “U2’s Five Star Masterpiece”.
(via M2)

Update: review now available on RollingStone.com

“No Line on the Horizon is closer to the transitional risks — the Irish-gothic spell of 1984’s The Unforgettable Fire, the techno-rock jet lag of 1993’s Zooropa — but with a consistent persuasion in the guitar hooks, rhythms and vocal lines.”

NLOTH has also managed to win back the heart of Irish journalist John Waters (Author of ‘U2 – Race of Angels’), prone to contemplating the band within its Irish context. In the Irish Times he writes — while Ireland suffers its worst recession since the 70’s — “If, as we have previously noted, music is prophetic as to the drift of wider reality, then this album may be the most hopeful thing you will hear all year.” You can read the rest of John Waters’ thoughtful piece on IrishTimes.com.

‘Thank you, we’re here every Tuesday night…’

Are U2 considering a residency stint at the O2 venue in London? This is what Rolling Stone and other publications are speculating.

It’s the rumour that won’t die, innit? We first heard of it (from the proverbial reliable sources) straight after the band’s last tour and it’s popped up again and again over the last couple of years. Now that bastion of investigative journalism, The Sun, claims McGuinness told them:

“It’s got great potential for U2 and because it’s undercover you can do a run of shows in the autumn.”

It also cuts down on gear, trucks and drivers, which the band might no longer be able afford due to thieving fans, downloaders, Steve Jobs, hippies, ISPs! *

Where there’s smoke there’s fire? True or not, the question remains: could you cope with a 20+ gig U2 residency in *your* town?

*) Why not blame bloggers, too?. I bet McG loves Andrew Keen.