Rough Trade Night, Paradiso, Amsterdam

If you happen to be in Amsterdam this upcoming weekend, you could do worse than dropping in the Paradiso saturday night. On Saturday the 27th of November, Rough Trade Records will take over this beautiful church converted into club, which helped break many an artist break in the Netherlands.

The “Rough Trade Night” will feature British Sea Power and most of the almost ethereal Low as well as the Delays, Eastern Lane, David Kitt and Baxter Dury.

British Sea Power we definitely found an interesting band the first time I saw them in a similar setting, and I’m quite happy to see them again. Low initially captured our interest after the “In the Fishtank” EP they did with the Dirty Three. Their gig I saw at the Paradiso a while ago was nothing short of amazing, with nearly every member of the audience practially holding their breath at the fragility of their sound. Then there’s the Delays. They’ve been raved about and people have recommended them to me, but I’m afraid they totally failed to capture me at the Isle of Wight Festival earlier this year. Hopefully the small club setting will do them more justice this time around. Eastern Lane, David Kitt and Baxter Dury all come with their own recommendations, that they’ll hopefully live upto. I personally can’t wait for this “rising star” studded night for a mere 12,50.

Additionally, Fabchannel are doing a webcast of the night.

You Two Out on the Town

Last week Bono enjoyed a “tete-a-tete for a good hour or so” with Tom Jones at Lillies Bordello, reports the Sunday Mirror. Jones was in Dublin for a show at the Point Theatre and ran into Bono at the exclusive night club, where he was partying with Guggi and a few other friends. Whether Bono and the man known as “The Voice” and “The Tiger” exchanged tips for looking good in tight pants is unknown.

Elsewhere in Dublin, The Edge took in the Radiohead show with Bono at the Olympia Saturday night. In past interviews, Edge has said that Radiohead is one band that influences U2’s work.