Moving Stars and Earth for Water event coming up

As reported a couple of weeks ago, U2 will participate in the Moving Stars and Earth for Water event (from their Tampa U2360 show) tonight.
The “cities & personalities” page for U2/Tampa mentions a chat and a performance:

Guy Laliberté has a space-to-earth conversation with very good chum Bono and U2. They will discuss the uniqueness and beauty of the Earth in the solar system. U2’s performance will be supported by images of our blue planet, taken from the International Space Station.

The 2 hour event starts at 8:00 P.M. EDT and can be viewed online.

Guess the title of U2’s upcoming tour

Live on French radio station NRJ on Monday night, U2 were asked what the title of their upcoming tour will be. Bono replied – excusez his French:

“It’s something to do with kissing the future and fucking the past…”

Can you guess the title?

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