Cohen-head: The Edge speaks

The Edge, attending the Sundance Film Festival to promote Lian Lunsen’s ‘Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man’ talks to MTV’s Benjamin Wagner about Cohen, quiet places and his favourite phase of making an album.

We haven¹t really got to the point where we¹re thinking seriously about the next record. We¹re at that wonderful place where we¹re just experimenting, and trying things, just really letting our imaginations go.

The Edge is Lunson’s man at Sundance

The Edge is heading to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, to support Lian Lunson as she premieres her film Leonard Cohen I’m Your Man to an American audience. In her film blog, Lunson writes:

U2 have been so supportive of this project and their participation in the film is beautiful. All the performers are incredible, such a great array of talent.