PopMart DVD details unveiled

Thanks to U2 Sweden for alerting us to information on the DVD we’ve all been waiting for. Some of us, anyway. The greatest show on earth to some, the tour from hell for others, PopMart – the Mexican branch – is coming out ‘late June’ in two versions, a single and a double DVD. U2 Sweden has the skinny, or you can hop over to U2.com for the official, official announcement. Soon, very soon, you will be able to relive those memories of when the ‘net was young, the tour’s official site was all MSN, silvery and orange and completely inaccessible to anyone not on a fat T1 pipe. Those were the days. Cloggies especially have something to look forward to: four PopMart Rotterdam tracks in glorious DVD quality. You might even spot some U2log.com editors pushed up against the barrier.