The Edge joins Muse on stage at Glastonbury Festival

Update: video – The Edge interviewed at Glastonbury
It was the worst kept secret at England’s Glastonbury festival this weekend. Muse’s drummer Dominic Howard had told The Sun newspaper the band would have a “very, very special surprise guest” for their Saturday headlining slot. It wasn’t too long before reports of sightings of The Edge on the festival site came trickling in and, photographs of U2’s guitarist rehearsing with Muse were released to the press. All that remained to be answered was: what were they going to play? It turned out to be Where the Streets Have No Name, played as the band’s first encore. The Edge sauntered onto the stage during the intro, receiving a great welcome from the crowd. It was a pretty faithful interpretation of the song, The Edge providing his usual guitar work and backing vocals, while Muse’s Matt Bellamy slightly more operatic voice stuck close to Bono’s deliverance. And so Glastonbury got a taste of U2 after all – to make up for the band having to cancel their Friday headliner due to Bono’s recent back surgery. Even the NME had to admit: U2 were missed, especially since replacement act Gorillaz failed to impress. Fingers crossed for next year!

The Edge’s brother Dik joins Carnegie Hall line up

Dik and Dave Evans

Gavin Friday tells
“The thing with [U2] is that I know them all individually, so they’re all taking part but what’s unusual is that they aren’t going to be U2, so I think we’ll see something pretty different, which is something that always happens with Hal’s events.

“Dik, Edge’s brother will be there, who was in U2 before they were U2, and Guggi of course, so I would love Dik and Guggi and myself to do some Virgin Prunes songs – it won’t be the Virgin Prunes reuniting because we don’t do that, but let’s see what happens. When Hal is involved you never know how it’ll work out.”

So if you want to see the brothers Evans on stage together, tickets for ‘An Evening with Gavin Friday and Friends’ (October 4th) are still available from the Carnegie Hall box office and website.

Read the full interview at

The Edge: Great value out of my birthday

Bono: “His birthday started in Poland….burned down several small towns in France, and then came to Zagreb….”

Edge: “My fellow bandmates actually get great value out of my birthday.”

But the actual star of this MSNBC-item of course is Alma from Sarajevo:

And here’s the complete ten minute interview:

The Edge on Twitter: “Didn’t like the idea of a dialogue”

Not sure it’s that ‘innovative’ a use of Twitter as he says here (in fact, am pretty positive that it’s anything but innovative to use social software for a one-way conversation), but hey – we can’t all be webheads and it’s certainly interesting to get an insight into life on the road through the guitarist’s eyes: The Edge has been posting an image road diary to his Twitter account, using his Blackberry. Follow him at @360FromTheEdge

Bono and The Edge on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

Bono and The Edge appeared on BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (recorded on Thursday) where they were confronted with old footage of them appearing on RTE television performing “Street Missions” and tried to answer the question why so many people are annoyed by them and Bono in particular. “I can be pretty annoying,” said Bono, and suggested “There’s an ecstatic quality to our music, and it can annoy people.”

U2 360 Nice, July 15, 2009

U2 are playing a home match tonight, in Nice on the Cote d’Azur where most of them have houses (The Edge enjoys a lovely view. it seems from this tweeted picture).

More details on what went on can be found in this blog post on

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