Bono interviews George Clooney

Here’s the full 38 minute interview that Bono did with George Clooney for the Time 100/AC360 Special: The World’s Most Influential People. In between some frankly eye-roll-worthy bits of mutual [ comedy pause ] admiration, there’s good stuff about Clooney’s work in Darfur and Bono’s lasting influence on celebrity do-good-ery in the 00’s.

Time Magazine has also published a piece on Clooney written by Bono in which he states:

“George Clooney is a dangerous man. He needs to be watched… to be monitored… He’s a new kind of American radical… a post-’60s, post-obvious, post-postmodern radical, not the left-leaning Hollywood bleeding-heart do-gooder that many think. Oh, no…”

He had nipples on his batsuit, but.