Japan welcomes U2

Hi, Promo Bono here. After being stuck in a box on a shelf in Vertigo Air for God-knows-forever, I’ve managed to sneak my way into Japan via Adam Clayton’s man purse. It’s time for Promo Bono to get in on some Vertigo tour fun!

The band and I arrived in Tokyo on Monday and were greeted by Japanese fans at Haneda Airport. The band, whose last visit to the country was in March 1998 during the PopMart tour, were warmly welcomed. I snapped this pic of The Edge at the airport from inside a pocket in Adam’s purse:

Looking good, yes?

The band will perform the first of three shows at Saitama Super Arena tonight. Because entrance into the venue is in numeric order, fans have been instructed not to show up at the venue before 6 pm when doors open. The show will begin at 7 pm without an opening act.

On Friday, U2 will appear on Japanese television to perform two songs, “Window in the Skies” and “Vertigo.”

I intend to (secretly) run around in Japan with the band as much as my little Promo Bono legs will allow me, so come back to read about our adventures.

That’s U2 in the Corner

U2 have filmed a clip for their upcoming single Window in the skies, at a venue called The Corner in Richmond, Victoria.


The Corner is ‘one of Melbourne’s most popular and respected medium-sized rock venues, famed for its excellent beer garden.’ Cheers, lads.

Our intrepid reporter Rosco was on scene and writes the following:

Basically they were just filming a video for Window in the skies. There was a large film crew set up with trucks equipment etc everywhere. Also a large rent-a-crowd that were allowed inside for the shoot. Apparently they all got in through casting agencies, so I’m sure not many of ’em actually knew U2’s music. They were all really really really good looking.

You could hear the song being played a number of times with the crowd screaming a cheering and singing along. At about 7pm the band eventually came out said hi, signed a few autographs and left.

  • See Rosco’s pictures
  • Bono delivers praise and criticism in Denmark

    U2.se catches up with Bono on his visit to the Danish capital on Monday. He spoke to members of Børsen Executive Club on topics of free trade and social conscience.

    Talking to Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidender at the Tivoli Concert Hall, Bono said: “Denmark has been to a great deal of help, but during the last couple of years there has been a lesser amount of aid to the developing countries. I am here to try and make sure the withdrawal is only temporary.”

    After his speech, Bono took a few minutes talking to fans waiting outside the venue. Read the full report at U2.se.

    Bono and Edge greet fans in Vancouver

    Reader Morgan Uren reports about 30 fans who were waiting outside Vancouver’s GM Place got a treat Saturday afternoon when Bono and Edge visited with the fans after U2’s rehearsal at the venue. According to Morgan, Bono and Edge greeted each of the fans individually, and Bono — like a campaigning politician — kissed one fan’s baby before the band departed.

    Thanks to Morgan for sharing her photos.

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