Bono, Brandon and Coldplay do it together for War Child

The big finale... on TwitPic

Immediately after Wednesday night’s Brit Awards, Coldplay and The Killers performed a benefit concert for War Child at Shepherd’s Bush in London. Bono and The Killer’s Brandon Flowers joined Coldplay on stage to play The Killers’ All These Things That I’ve Done together. was on the scene and captured this picture. Click it to see it enlarged.

The NME reports:

Then, having only rehearsed minutes beforehand backstage, The Killers and Bono joined Coldplay onstage to perform ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ together.
Although the U2 man was a bit shaky on the lyrics to The Killers song, the three frontmen led the crowd through a rousing sing-a-long as they repeated the tracks “I’ve got soul/ but I’m not a soldier” refrain.
“This is going to be the best encore you’ll ever see!” declared Martin as the three acts wrapped up the night.

Bono tells “It’s a lot of bowls, really.”

Imagine a cold London night. See The Edge hovering near Bono’s shoulder. Spot the ‘talented mates’ Guggi and Gavin sitting down in the gutter, sipping champagne. Elsewhere, watch Paul McGuinness opening the boot of his car, pulling out a black bag to treat Howie B to a copy of U2’s new album… co-founder Ben Hopkinson talks to Bono at the Osborne Samuel gallery in London on Wednesday night:

Ben: “You made a speech about Guggi’s paintings tonight, can you give us a quote?”

Bono: “It’s a lot of bowls, really…” (laughs)

Ben: “You must be proud to have so many talented mates.”

Bono: “I don’t really understand, you know, what was going on with the water on Cedarwood Road. But I think the three of us, Gavin Friday, myself and Guggi, all had… interesting fathers. I think that was something to do with it — I guess, something to rebel against. Something I hope not to offer my daughter…” (laughs)

So there we have it. Dublin water and Irish fathers are to blame for the unholy trinity, Messrs Friday, Gugs and Bono. Let’s drink to that.

Perfect Circle of Friends

Bono and Gavin Friday attended an exclusive after-show party thrown by REM in Dublin Wednesday night. According to the Irish Mirror, Bono and Gavin partied with the members of REM, Michael Stipe’s family, Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, and several other close friends at a private location.

“It was quite a small intimate affair,” a source told the Mirror. “They stayed there until the early hours of Thursday morning and seemed to have a lot of fun.”