World live premiere of U2’s Your Blue Room

U2 finally, FINALLY, premiered “Your Blue Room” at their second show in Chicago on the 360 tour. The band had been rehearsing this song at soundchecks very early on during the European leg of this tour. (I am pretty sure I heard bits of it during the Paris soundcheck, but there are more certain accounts from later shows.)

Enjoy this video which features the full song, including the spoken word bit by the astronauts of the ISS crew. Too bad Adam – who spoke on the original – didn’t get his big live vocal debut for this.

“Your Blue Room” was written for the Michelangelo Antonioni-Wim Wenders film Beyond the Clouds, and was originally supposed to be the 2nd single off the Passengers (1995) album, but that never came to pass. However, a rare promo disc of the song exists and two years later, the song featured as a B-side on the “Staring at the Sun” single.

For a lot of the Chicago crowd this must have been a WTF moment (a.k.a. ‘toilet break’, a.k.a. ‘beer run’), but it must have been a brilliant experience for connaisseurs. We know who you are.

And we’re not jealous. Not jealous at all.

*gnashes teeth*

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